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    take a look at our partners from Europe.

    Since our founding, we have established many partnerships with European companies to expand our range of products. We also wanted to offer our customers products, that they normally would have no access to in their home-markets. Thanks to our intensive efforts over many years, we were able to create a big network of reputable and renowned European manufacturers. Take a look at some of our partners in the industry:

    SCHEUCH GmbH was founded in 1963 by Alois Scheuch in Ried, Austria. In its his­tory of more than half a century, SCHEUCH has al­ways stood for in­no­v­a­tive so­lu­tions for air pu­rifi­ca­tion in in­dus­trial applications. In over 50 years, the fam­ily-op­er­ated com­pany has grown from a tra­di­tional sheet metal fab­ri­ca­tion en­ter­prise to a ma­jor in­ter­na­tional busi­ness. To­day, SCHEUCH has established itself throughout the world with with over 1000 employees and has become the market and competence leader in the field of innovative en­vi­ron­men­tal tech­nol­ogy within many sec­tors of various in­dus­tries, of­fer­ing its cus­tomers ap­pli­ca­tion-spe­cific and high qual­ity so­lu­tions for their in­dus­trial air and en­vi­ron­men­tal is­sues.

    Namadin Tarh had been manufacturing air filtration systems for 10 years before it’s partnership with SCHEUCH in 2004. Ever since our partnership has begun, we have been acting as a sales and manufacturing partner of SCHEUCH in more than a dozen air filtration projects. Today, with the continued support from SCHEUCH and our own expertise and manufacturing facilities, we provide customers from various industries with state-of-the-art air filtration and purification systems tailored to their needs.

    CemProTec, based in Germany, delivers exactly what people imagine when they see the world-famous “Made in Germany”-label: High-quality products, that will help your industry reach new heights. 

    Their focus lies on clinker cooling as well as on offering tailor-made solutions! Their Revolving Disc Cooler (RDC) combines various technologies and enables you to easily move clinker whilst enjoying high levels of efficiency without common issues like grate wear.

    For more information on their cooler products, do not bother to contact us or visit their web page by clicking on their logo!

    CEMTEC, founded and based in Enns (Austria) in 1990, is a fairly young company compared to some of our other partners. When considering this, their transformation into the big and truly global manufacturer they are today is even more impressive and jaw-dropping. The company delivered their first mill in 1995 and managed to grow ever since. Now they offer a diverse set of machinery and technology for grinding, burning, drying, cooling, mixing, and much more. 

    Also, these technologies aren’t solely limited to cement any more. Today, CEMTEC offers numerous different machines for a diverse choice of bulk materials! For more information on our cooperation please feel free to contact us!

    “BRAUN Maschinenfabrik” GmbH was founded in 1848. Since then the company remained in the hands of its founder-family. They managed to weather through two world wars, survived many economic crises over the years and all that due to their focus on innovation and high-quality products!

    Their history shows us the great importance of innovation and a constant thrive to develop new and useful technologies. In the last 170 years, they have not become any less innovative and forward-thinking, which can easily be proven by taking a look into their ever-growing portfolio of solutions and machinery. BRAUN’s scope of supply now ranges from grinding machines to hydraulic steel structures and to decommissioning technologies – their latest addition to their supply.

    In 1946, Dr.Friedrich Kocks founded “Kocks” in his home country Germany. He was a firm believer in the possibilities of engineering and innovation. For this reason he soon managed to transform “Kocks” into a leading and established force in the steel industry. Only shortly after, they entered new international markets by installing a modern wire rod finishing mill in India 1961. Since then, their supply was steadily increased, and even more markets were entered (like China in recent years).

    Today, “Kocks” enjoys a high reputation due to their seemingly endless potential for innovation and many well-established technologies like “KOCKS 3-roll technology”.

    Yet another family business that we are cooperating with. Founded in 1933 by Leopold Kukla, the company has been manufacturing reliable weighing and dosing devices ever since then. Today their range of products varies from (built-in) belt scales to weighing-electronics to much more! (Feel free to visit their web page by clicking on their logo!)

    “Kukla” is especially known for the reliability, precision and flexibility of their products. Since their founding over 80 years ago, they have been focusing much of their resources on research and development. Therefore “Kukla” is now able to provide a wide range of products that will not fail you or your business!

    In 1994, A-TEC was founded as one of the then state-owned VOEST-ALPINE’s subsidiaries and was called “Zyklontechnik”. A year later, VOEST-ALPINE was privatized and “Zyklontechnik” underwent big changes. First, they merged with WEMA GmbH in 2000 and were rebranded 5 years later. That’s where their current branding comes from.

    Today their focus lies on optimizing the cement industry’s pyro and grinding processes. In recent years they have gained an astonishing lead in research and development. This gives A-TEC’s customers a competitive advantage since it will help them achieve their goals on cutting costs and increasing efficiency much quicker.

    VTU is a multifaceted company. Its focus lies on designing plants for numerous process industries. It is renowned for its highly qualified engineers and also for its knowledge in numerous industries, like pharmaceuticals, oil, gas and more!

    Established in 1990, VTU managed to grow continually and attracted engineering talents from all over Europe. Today, they have expanded to over 20 countries on the European continent. VTU has officially kept its reputation for being a “Great Place to Work” and was awarded with many awards in this category. This enables them to attract even more skilled employees/workers and therefore deliver even better solutions for their customers.  

    Hosokawa Alpine was established in Augsburg-Göggingen 1898 as “Alpine”. Two years later, the company’s products had gained such a good reputation that they were already being exported to many other European countries. The following years saw rapid growth for Alpine due to the reliability and durability of their machines – characteristics that still hold true for their current products today.

    In 1987 “Hosokawa Miron Corp.” from Japan took over and integrated them into the corporation. Since then, they are called Hosokawa Alpine.

    Their growth obviously did not stop here. Today, they offer an extensive range of products for various fields, ranging from food industries to minerals and more. For detailed information feel free to contact us or visit their website by clicking on the logo!

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