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    cartridge filters.

    Cartridge filters are commonly used for protecting workers in plants. These filters clean hazardous pollution from the air inside a facility and thus provide employees breathable air. The capturing of so-called noxious gases mainly happens via an easy principle called absorption. So-called sorbents (like activated carbon, aluminium oxide and more) are used due to their large surface areas, that can easily absorb gases. Sorbents typically are used in the form of granules and lose their ability to capture gases over time. Due to their nature, cartridges have a limited service life and must be exchanged after reaching certain saturation-levels. However, this process is without any big effort and can easily be done by simply removing a saturated cartridge from its slot and putting one back in it.

    why us.

    Our own cartridge filters are designed to be as space-efficient as possible. If you choose our filters, you will have gained three times the filter area compared to common tube bag filters at the same footprint!

    Cartridge filters can be used for minimizing the space used as more filter area can be installed in a specific casing dimension compared to tube bag filters. It is applicable for the following:

      1. Bagging stations
      2. Silos
      3. Weighing systems (for dedusting of fine and ex­tremely dry dusts)

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