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    about us.

    Namadin Tarh Company was founded in 1994 and is still under control of its founding families. Today, we have become a trusted Iranian supplier and manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in industrial projects in Iran. Our stable and successful cooperation with reputed European companies is one of our major keys to success and one of the biggest advantages for our customers! Furthermore, our products are made to be as environmentally-friendly as possible by, meaning the protection of our environment is of high importance to our company. We want to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint while also reducing cost and preserve the things that we as human beings depend on – air and water.

    Due to our extensive cooperation with foreign partners, next to owning a sales office in Tehran and a workshop (4000 m2 in the industrial zone close to IKA international airport) we have the potential capability to supply a wide range of high-quality products and services to the Iranian market for a reduction of emissions in the industrial sector.

    Our mission is to help industries to lower their production cost and at the same time reduce their energy consumption and emissions!

    the things we are proud of.

    we are proud that we were the very first company in Iran to manufacture and install dust collectors as well as nuisance filters for cement factories.

    we own the largest air filtration production shop in Iran in terms of production capacity.

    we were the first producer of support cages with twenty wires for fiber-glass bags of bag houses in cement plant.

    history & milestones.

    1994 | Founding of the company. First activities in manufacturing equipment for cement and mineral industries.

    1999 | Execution of our first turn-key project in regard to de-dusting of Gypsum rotary kilns. 

    2000 | 

      1. The first introduction of technologies for the filtration of process bass by bag houses for cement industries
      2. Our first export of a complete de-dusting system for a gypsum rotary kiln for a company in UAE.

    2002 | Start of our first cooperations with European suppliers.

    2005 | Start of the relocation of our workshop close to IKA Tehran International Airport.

    2006 | 

      1. Replacement of our old fabrication facilities and installing a new workshop layout in cooperation with European partners. Due to this expansion we were able to expand our range of products to main machinery in cement, mineral & steel industries. 
      2. In this year, we also executed our first EPC job for de-dusting in urea-production in a petrochemical complex.

    2007 | Received major orders for the delivery of filter plants to the Iranian cement plant “Mazandaran Cement Plant”. This was our biggest EPC filtration project, which included the supply of process filters, nuisance filters and fans.

    2008 | We were honored to become the first exporter of process and nuisance filters and fans to Venezuela. The products were delivered to a cement plant in Cerro Azul. 

    2011 | Expanding our commercial activities to Europe by establishing a new office in Vienna for facilitating the delivery of equipment to our customers.

    2012 | Establishing new cooperations with more reputable European suppliers.

    2013 | Establishing another office in Erbil, Iraq this time in order to expand our target markets.