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    staying in touch.

    after sale services.

    We see after-sale services as a critical if not the most crucial factor for success and a good relationship with customers. Moreover, this lays the foundation for future growth and is highly advantageous for both parties, as one gains the benefit of a longer and intensified cooperation and one gets support for products they have bought and therefore increases their lifespan and profitability. We provide this service for our customers to ensure the availability of their plants and create long-lasting production lines. Furthermore, upgrading and maintaining are usually the better and cheaper alternatives to building an entire new plant.

    inspection & maintenance.

    Our teams have a long-lasting experience in the industry. Thanks to their knowledge, we are able to perform inspections and component-checks for detecting signs and potential problems in the operations of you plant.

    We can assure you that we will check everything of importance for your business. Take a look:

      1. Basic engineering data
      2. Sizings of filters
      3. Suction point air volume
      4. Ducting
      5. Leakages 
      6. Inspection of installed equipment (like filters, fans, rotary valves, screw conveyors, electrical- and control devices

    We also provide scheduled plant main­te­nance and measurements with the aim of keep­ing the plant in its de­sired state. All in­spec­tion ac­tiv­i­ties include fur­ther func­tional checks, as well as the replacement of wear and spare parts, if needed.

    we take care of our customers.

    We always try to establish a long-lasting and beneficial relationship with our customers. We know that customers benefit most if after sale services are offered by the original supplier. Aside from that, Namadin Tarh’s products are designed to last reliably and effectively for a long time. Our top priority is to satisfy our customers and that is why we offer a wide range of spare parts for your operations in order for them to keep going even longer. 

    With our complex knowledge of various matters in the industry, we are able to assist our customers in choosing the right products and services for modernizing their plants. We will help achieve highest efficiency-levels, while minimizing cost and decreasing our customer’s carbon footprint.


    lets stay in touch.

    If you have any questions about our service, please feel free to contact us. We are here for you!