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    Pipes are the veins of a modern industrial complex. Without them every operation within a plant would stand still. Combined with other mechanical parts like valves, fittings and more, they are vital for every single process of an industry.

    Due to their broad range of applications, pipes are made out of a diverse set of materials and come in many different shapes adapted to the individual situation in a production facility (and more). Contact us and give us a call, we are more than happy to determine the correct kind of pipes for your operations. We will find a perfect fit!


    Installation of ducts

    Ducts are a versatile product and a necessity with many different purposes. They are being used for heating, ventilation and more. Generally, ductworks are intended to move air from one place to another.

    Other components (like fans, collectors, isolators, …) are needed for such a system to be whole and complete and to work properly.

    Thanks to our long history in this field, we are able to provide suitable solutions for your operations. We will help you reduce your operation cost and carbon footprint by choosing and delivering the correct system for you!

    the importance of maintaining your ducts.

    In industrial applications, well-maintained ductworks improve air-quality in otherwise dusty or even hazardous environments.
    If implemented badly, this could lead to the following and more:

      1. Higher noise levels.
      2. Loss of particulates to other parts of the system, which could compromise the entire structure.
      3. Shorter lifespan.
      4. Over-filter and loss of crucial industrial components for production.
    Installation of ducts.

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