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    installation services by namadin tarh.

    If you need to install a piece of equipment or even an entire line, we are here for you. We have the experience, the tools and skilled workers to help with the installation of the newest addition to your operations.

    assembly and commissioning.

    We have an experienced installation-team consisting of highly-educated and motivated individuals. With their extensive knowledge in the installation of air filtration plants, we are able to install your equipment efficiently and precisely, while providing site management services and reporting. Our teams have installed many different forms of equipment in a variety of construction sites all over the country and beyond. For references, please feel free to contact us.

    If you wish to install equipment yourself or with the aid of a third party, we can offer supervision-services during the assembly, as well as the electrical installation of your air filtration plant. Additionally we are able to perform electrical, mechanical and process-related commissioning, including test-runs, alignment of settings with individual operating conditions and measurements for fine-tuning in order to ensure performance guarantees.

    Furthermore, we also offer training for your staff. We will help your employees gain the skills needed for the new operating conditions, as well as for performing maintenance themselves.

    why us?

    Thanks to our vast experience, which we were able to gain since our founding in 1994, we are able to offer vast knowledge in installation. With us as your partner in this matter, we will make sure that everything works perfectly well and is integrated into your operation as neatly as possible. 

    Furthermore, we also per­form elec­tri­cal, me­chan­i­cal and process-re­lated com­mis­sion­ing after the installation of equipment. If you want us to do so, we will perform in­spec­tions during the installation for checking before the initial start up. We will also perform a test run with set­tings aligned to op­er­at­ing con­di­tions to reduce potential risks. Mea­sure­ments for fine-tun­ing are also being car­ried out and will en­sure that per­for­mance requirements are met. A further possibility would be a training for our customer’s staff. Workers will re­ceive thorough instructions on the plan­t’s new mode of operation from us to provide them with necessary skills for the new equipment.

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    If you need any further information on our service or have specific questions, please feel free to contact us here!