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    tailored to your needs.

    namadin's engineering services.

    Our engineering services are tailored to our customers’ specific needs. Namadin Engineering supports you in all phases of your project and helps you realize your tasks from project evaluation through to completion.

    We will support you with thoroughly tried and tested services within the sectors of process engineering, plant engineering, electrical and instrumentation engineering and startup and commissioning. Further down the page you will find a comprehensive list of our engineering services.

    retrofit & upgrades.

    Our “retrofit and upgrade” – services are meant to help you achieve performance, efficiency and functionality goals. We do this by quickly and professionally exchanging and replacing parts of your plant (e.g. filters, internal fans, fan impellers, ). Items from 3rd parties are included as well. 

    In most cases, retrofitting and upgrading is the best and most cost-efficient way to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently for a long period of time. Purchasing a new plant is almost always more expensive will not bring any significant advantages over “just” exchanging current equipment.

    As it has been mentioned in our 3D laser-scanning section, we provide a combined package of our services “3D laser-scanning” and “retrofit and upgrade” for increased efficiency and a reduction in mistakes and cost. Thanks to our detailed scans and plans, we are able to provide accurate retrofit and upgrading services. Our scans will minimize risks and mistakes in the engineering phase. Having just one competent partner in such causes will also increase efficiency and decrease the risk of any problems in communication and planning, which naturally occur when the number of involved parties increases.

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      1. Process definition and calculations (CAPEX/OPEX)
      2. Analysis plans
      3. Identification and documentation of as-built status
      4. Mass, energy, product and utility balances
      5. Structural analysis for ducting, steel structures, …
      1. Process design calculations
      2. Civil load calculations
      1. Process flow diagrams
      2. Material flow diagrams
      3. Piping routing diagrams
      4. Cable routing diagrams
      5. Circuit diagrams
      6. Process function chart for process control systems
      7. Simplified diagrams of typical loops
      8. Loop diagrams
      9. Basic circuit diagram – instrumentation
      1. Component Design
      2. Preliminary arrangement drawings for plants
      3. Loading drawings
      4. Main cable and piping routing drawings
      5. Shop drawings
      6. Guide drawings for machinery
      7. Installation drawings for electrical equipment
      8. Location drawing for grounding and lightning protection system
      9. Arrangement drawings for lighting fixtures and socket outlets
      10. Location plan for measuring and control instruments
      11. Arrangement drawings for measuring and control instruments.
      12. Layout drawings for mimic diagrams
      1. Basic engineering
      2. Detail engineering
      3. Engineering of plant equipment
      4. Process engineering
      5. Steel structures engineering
      6. Electrical engineering
      1. Equipment lists
      2. Piping line lists and BOM
      3. Utility lists
      4. Spare parts lists
      5. Signal processing lists for electrical equipment
      6. Cable lists
      7. Lists of installation materials (for instrumentation)
      8. Instrument lists
      9. Signal processing lists for electrical equipment and instrumentation
      10. Input/output lists for distributed control systems

    let us talk about your project.

    If you need any further information about our service, please feel free to contact us here!