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    filters & separators.

    Filters and separators are devices to separate dust particles from the air stream. The degree of separation depends on the application, process and emission limits in the stack. Many different types of separators exist for different purposes. Generally one can say that there are two types of dust collectors:

      1. Nuisance dust collectors: They can can be described as a unit which is not critical to the continuous operation of the plant, but it is a very important piece of infrastructure concerning the health of workers in a plant. An example would be dust filters in crushing plants of mineral industries.
      2. Process filters: They are directly connected to the production line of factories and therefore a process filter’s design must be very accurate. For example: In a cement mill shop you cannot improve the capacity and efficiency of the mills without first implementing a reliable operation of process filters.

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    Bag filters

    We supply nuisance dust collectors for secondary dedusting in cement, mineral and mining industries. Our state-of-the-art collectors are designed to purify and filter hazardous dust and fine particulate contaminant matter released into the work space or atmosphere to improve the surrounding’s air quality.

    Bag houses

    Baghouse Dust Collection was the first technology for industrial air filtration at the turn of the 20th Century and this enduring technology has experienced several major innovations throughout the last years. Baghouse collectors address the need for high air volume, extremely heavy dust loading and lower emission. Continuous duty baghouse collectors emerged to provide a solution for handling difficult product recovery applications.

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    With our car­tridge fil­ters you will gain a filter area that is up to three times bigger than compared to normal tube bag filters at the same footprint.

    Cartridge filters are used for minimizing the space used for filters, as more “filter area” can be installed in a specific casing dimension compared to tube bag filters. It is applicable for the following:

      1. Bagging stations
      2. Silos
      3. Weighing systems (for dedusting of fine and ex­tremely dry dusts)

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    Made for removing dust from flue gases generated by biomass-fired boiler plants, ESPs can be used in all applications which utilize wood (waste), bark, straw and similar materials for the generation of inexpensive heat energy.

    An ESP uses electric charge to remove certain impurities from the air/gas stream while hardly impacting the stream itself. Those particulates get attracted to plates or similar collection devices by static electricity. When a certain accumulation has occurred, the particles are shaken off into a hopper at the bottom and are then being taken away for recycling/disposal by a conveyer system at the bottom.

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    1. Cyclones: We can offer cyclones with or without different types of anti-wear protection, according to the needed separation amount and pressure loss.
    2. Multi-cyclones = “A specified number of cyclones are mounted in a common housing.” A multi-cyclone could be used as a separator or pre-separator in many kind of dry separation applications.

    Wet scrubbers spray water to absorb pulverulent dust particles. Dust is absorbed by the water and “dirty water droplets” are collected and removed. Fine water in clean air can be removed by a mist eliminator, while the mixture of dust and water must be cleaned or recycled in a scrubber.

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