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    cooling systems.

    Plants are a very complex combination of a diverse set of technologies. Coolings systems are one of the most important parts of those complex systems. Dust collectors do not work if certain temperatures are reached. Filter failure would occur if there were not measures put in place to prevent exceedance of upper temperature limits. That is where cooling systems come in. They cool the process gas stream before it reaches the dust collector and this increases the overall life expectancy as well as effectiveness of your plant.

    Furthermore, the choice of system is becoming increasingly important, because they can have a dramatic impact on your plant’s total carbon emissions and on energy consumed. This is where we come in. Thanks to our long history in the industry we are able to determine the perfect system fit for your purpose. 

    take a look at our heat exchange solutions.

    gas conditioning towers.

    Before exhaust gases in cement and other industries get cleaned, they need to be cooled down first. This happens in so-called gas conditioning towers, in which gas gets distributed to the cylindrical portion of a trough’s entry cone and is being cooled down by injection and evaporation of very fine wate droplets.

    Gas conditions towers normally consist of the following:

    – Sprayer systems mounted on the cylindrical portion (consists of lances equipped with injection nozzles).

    – Water supply systems with centrifugal pumps and a motor control valve.

    – Temperature regulating systems with sensors.

    – Control units & display instrumentations.

    tube coolers.

    Very high temperatures can occur upstream of bag filters (peaks at about 500°C). Tube coolers are installed upstream to cool down these hot exhaust gases in a very efficient way. The heat is transferred to so-called air to air heat exchangers. These are unique products due to their low usage of energy and relatively quiet operation. 

    How do they work?

    A heat pipe filled with a special liquid is used to transfer heat from a hot enclosure to a cooler part of the exchanger. The hot gas stream transfers heat to the liquid, which then evaporates and cools off in the upper and cooler part of the machine, where the evaporated liquid condenses again. This cycle continuous on and provides an economic and relatively silent way for cooling your gas stream. 

    Furthermore, air to air heat exchangers do not need much energy. Only the optional fans for the circulation of air might create demand for additional energy. Whether this technology is the right fit for you can be determined by us. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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