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    The functionality of (multi)cyclones rely on the simple principles of centrifugal forces. Cyclones are used to separate, capture or remove large particles and high-volume dust in or from industrial applications. Large particles in a gas move to the boundary layer of a cyclone when switched on. Due to the tangential flows at the inlet, the large particles fall down the separation chamber, while smaller ones move to the outlet and therefore “clean-gas side”.


    A multi-cyclone is simply a combination of several cyclones, which are mounted together in a common housing. Such machines are used as separators or pre-separators in many different applications in the field of dry separation. 

    We offer cyclones with or without different types of anti-wear protection, depending on the needed separation amount, pressure loss and on generally on your situation.

    one of our installed cyclones
    One of our installed cyclones.

    applications and advantages of (multi-)cyclones.

    (Multi-)Cyclones are used in almost every industrial branch where heavy (dry) particulate matter is being produced next to the intended output. Such industries would be wood factories, cement plants, steel industries and mineral processing industries. 

    If the particulate matter is sticky rather than dry, some complications might occur. Normally, dry matter would fall down the walls of the separator, but sticky matter would not follow that pattern and hence create problems. That is why extra measures and technologies must be put in place in order for your operations to continue working smoothly.


    Cyclones can be used when heavy and big particles are involved. This means that particles should not be smaller than 10micrometers. If they are, additional and more expensive equipment is needed. However, if particle sizes are suitable, our cyclones come with many benefits:

      1. Suitable for high temperatures 
      2. Low maintenance cost
      3. Easy installation and maintenance 
      4. Easy disposal 
      5. Dry Collections

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