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    This is what we think matters the most – to work together with our clients!

    We take care of several tasks, ranging from supplying materials & machinery to services like 3D laser-scanning and installation. Our aim is to help you boost your business, while at the same time meeting emission standards and reducing your carbon footprint, as well as making you business future-proven. 

    In the future, environmentally-friendly producing companies will gain many advantages over those who did not invest in new technologies for example due to potential punishments for environmentally unfriendly production. Especially now, with many European countries and the EU itself considering to implement a system which would put a price mark on CO2, it has become even more important for industries to transition quickly into a new age of more environmentally-friendly industrial production.

    Furthermore, we also want to eliminate the need for you to establish and maintain your own and costly infrastructure for services like ours. We will help and enable you to focus more on your core business by taking such burdens off your shoulders and supplying you with our products.

    take a look at our services.

    We provide nearly all necessary services for industrial businesses. Our supply of services will help you minimize downtimes, decrease operational cost, extent your plant’s service life and also decrease your carbon footprint. We always try to adapt to our customers, meaning that our solutions will be tailor-made to all your desires and needs.

    engineering services.

    We provide a wide variety of engineering services to our customers. Ranging from consultancy services to calculations and engineering itself, we try to support various industrial branches with our knowledge. 

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    3D laserscanning & modelling.

    By creating 2D & 3D models based on our measurement data, we create a cost-efficient, secure & consistent planning of your projects. 

    Individual units are precisely measured, even in hard-to-reach areas. We are able to gain millions of measuring points due to the usage of our modern 3D measuring devices as well as through field-proven experience across many industries and their requirements. 

    When modifying technical installations such as production- and power plants or refineries, the complexity of such systems requires exact CAD-data for planning. In order to get accurate data, all details must be measured accurately and manually. This can only be accomplished after a good deal of effort. Our services enable you to record all data efficiently, precisely & in its entirety. A complete 3D-documentation of the current state of buildings, facilities or even an entire area is the result!

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    As we mentioned before, we are in business since 1994. Hence we have been able to gain a lot of experience in different fields of the industry. We decided to use this knowledge and add installation to our supply of services. Furthermore, we try to support our customers by performing electrical, mechanical and process-related commissioning after the installation of equipment.

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    after sale service.

    The relationship to our customers is of highest importance to us. This is why we have established an after sale service, which will increase the lifespan and efficiency of your operations. Including inspections and maintenance, we will ensure a long life-span of your plant.

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    supply of spare parts.

    We provide a variety of spare parts which are needed regularly in the field of air filtration. Ranging from filter bags to tube sheets, we offer everything you need for an efficient flow of your operations.

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