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    one of our installed fans.
    one of our installed fans.

    When choosing fans for your operations, many factors must be taken into account. Generally speaking, fans move a quantity of air by adding energy to the stream to overcome the resistance in the overall system. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of fans commonly used in industrial applications. Depending on the fans’ field of application, there are many different factors that must be taken into account before deciding on which type to implement into your operations. The power required for a fan to work as well depends on many different characteristics of the system, like: 

    – Volume of air moved in a unit of time

    – Temperature of the air stream

    – Pressure differential across the fan

    – And efficiency of the fan and drive

    After taking into account such factors, one must decide which kind of fan is suitable for their operation. That is where we come in. We will help you find the perfect machine for your individual situation!

    control dampers.

    Control dampers are an integral part of your operations. A damper is a valve or a plate that has the important ability of regulating or even stopping the air flow inside your ventilation systems. Thanks to our long history and experience in various industrial fields, we are able to offer you control dampers, that are easily adaptable to your specific needs and that are well-proven according to our customers. For more detailed information and consultancy in this matter, please feel free to contact us.

    advantages of radial fans.

    Radial fans are made for high-pressure systems and displace average volumes of air. The main advantages of such fans are their energy efficiency as well as their capability to realize high-pressure. Axial fans would not be able to create such a high-pressure system while maintaining the sam energy efficiency level of radial fans. Furthermore, the latter manages to create a stable laminar flow in a channel. This leads to an increased lifespan of air distribution hoses (compared to axial fans) and therefore less maintenance cost as well as a smaller drain on the environment. 


    – Average volume of air in high-pressure systems
    – Energy efficient
    – Stable laminar flow
    – Heavy and a big footprint

    axial fans.

    Compared to radial fans, axial fans are made for mostly the opposite kind of work. They are meant to displace large volumes of air, but instead in low-pressure systems. Axial fans also have one major advantage over radial fans: They are much smaller in size, which can be of high advantage in terms of space-usage or costly installation. 

    However, there are disadvantages that must be mentioned. Firstly, axial fans produce turbulences, which decreases the lifespan of other parts of your ventilation system in the long-term. Due to turbulences you will have to deal with high noise levels as well, if you choose an axial fan.


    – Displacement of large volumes of air
    – Small footprint
    – Blades instead of a wheel (= radial fans)
    – Turbulences, hence high noise levels and a decreased life-span of your ventilation system

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