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    exhaust gas cleaning systems by namadin tarh.

    Given that the climate crisis is becoming more and more important to people, it is not surprising at all that governments are tightening their regulations regarding emissions. This means that business must adapt and implement newer and better technologies that cope with problems like insufficient exhaust gas cleaning. This is where we come in. Namadin provides tailor-made solutions for your business. We will look at each customer’s individual situation and work from there. We will take into account individual parameters like cost, current emissions, government regulations, industrial standards and more to provide a satisfying and cost-effective solution for our customers.

    Many different exhaust gas cleaning solutions

    Ranging from standard VOC, CO and NOx exhaust gas cleaning solutions to electrostatic precipitators and wet scrubbers, Namadin Tarh offers a wide variety of different and highly adaptable solutions for your business. Down below you will find a few of our options.

    However for more details please feel free to contact us. First, your individual requirements must be evaluated, before any decision can and should be made. We will help and support you in finding the perfect solution for your business by providing you with our vast knowledge in this area and many different products made by Namadin as well as by renowned European partners.

    electrostatic precipitators.

    By using static electricity, an ESP (electrostatic precipitator) removes fine particles like ash, dust, smoke and soot from a flowing gas. During the filtration, gas flows are barely affected and therefore ESP’s do not pose a threat to the efficiency or flow of a plant’s operation.¬†

    As can be seen on the picture, the gas flows through the ESP’s housing and simply must pass an area with electrodes (which sometimes are just simple metal wires or plates). There, pollutants are caught and stored on the plates or wires themselves. After some time, those plates or wires get cleaned off and the pollutants fall down to hoppers where they get taken away for further processing or disposal.

    For more information, please visit the dedicated webpage for ESPs by clicking here.

    wet scrubbers.

    Wet scrubbers spray water to absorb dust particles. Then, the dust is absorbed by the water and this will create “dirty water droplets”. They are collected and taken away for disposal or recycling, depending on the particular matter. 

    this is how it works.

    In the so-called quenching area, raw gas is cooled to its saturation point, while the dust gets absorbed by the water. In the mist collector, the dust-laden and agglomerated drops of “dirty water” are removed by a centrifugal separator. Fine water in the “clean air” can normally be removed in the mist collector as well. The mixture of dust and water can be purified again by additional machinery or simply be recycled in a scrubber in a closed water circuit for water treatment purposes.

    contact us.

    If you want to know more about our exhaust gas cleaning systems, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.