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    bag filters and bag houses.

    Filter bags separate dust and particles from the air stream of you production facility. We produce nuisance filters with a focus on their purpose of environmental protection, as well as process bag filters that are directly connected to the main equipment in production lines (e.g. cement mill shop: Efficiency of mills heavily rely on the bag filter’s efficiency).

    We offer a great variety of modular bag filters with pulse cleaning systems that can easily be adapted to your wishes and requirements. Be it to your process technologies, your building’s dimensions and much more. To highlight the flexibility of our products: Volumetric flows start at 100 and can reach over 2,000,000 Am3/h for deducting and gas cleaning in many different industrial branches.

    Baghouse collectors address the bag filters for high air volume and heavy dust loading and have the same functionality and internal parts like our bag filters. Our baghouse collectors were developed to provide a solution for handling high air volume in difficult product recovery applications.

    pictures of our bag filter and bag houses.

    here's why you should choose us.

    1. > 25 years of experience in engineering and production of bag filters

    2. We offer highly customizable solutions in many different construction types (ranging from individual units/series to chamber filter to round filters)

    3. Individually-adapted bag filters that meet your requirements 

    4. Our bag filters achieve minimal pressure loss and therefore reduce suction fan power.

    5. Using optimal gas distribution, efficient separation and the correct air flow, our bag filters achieve a very homogenous gas distribution.

    6. Long life times: Thanks to our experience, we are able to select the right filter bags (up to 10m and operating temperature of up to 280°)

    7. Online and offline operating modes!

    conversion of old electrostatic precipitators to fabric filter baghouses.

    An electrostatic precipitator (ESP) may require a major upgrade or replacement due to present and future emissions considerations. For example: Your current ESP might not meet outlet emissions requirements. A low cost option to consider for compliance strategy is the conversion of your existing ESP casing to a pulse jet fabric filter ( = baghouse).

    The major advantage of baghouses is their particulate collection efficiency, which typically reaches 99% or more, even when particle sizes are comparatively small. Whether baghouses or electrostatic precipitators are a better choice for your situation, depends on your plant’s individual requirements and situation. For more information, please feel free to contact us. We would be very happy to help you determine the best option for your business.

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