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    conveying and discharging systems.

    Namadin Tarh offers a wide range of efficient conveying and discharging systems. For each individual material and system we can provide tailor-made solutions. Perfectly coordinated systems will help you improve the plant’s overall efficiency and increase its output. Thanks to our long history in various industries we are able to consult you in this matter and work together with you to implement an efficient system.

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    screw conveyors.

    Screw conveyors are used to continuously transport bulk materials. We offer round and u-tube screw conveyors with Hardox wear resistance blades (optional).

    pneumatic conveying.

    We offer pneumatic conveying systems for applications with long transport distances and many changes in directions as well as elevations. The discharge point, the conveying path and the necessity of a final separator filter are the three major points in designing a good conveying system.

    rotary valves.

    A rotary valve is a device placed under the filter to discharge captured dust. Depending on the application we offer two types of rotary valves that differ in their kind of housing:

    1. Cast iron housing.

    2. Welded massive steel housing.

    double dump valves.

    Double dump valves are used for discharging material. In order to do that it opens and closes the valve flap periodically. The flap can be activated by several different factors such as weight, electricity or compressed air and can be adapted to your the individual requirements of the application.

    pendulum flaps by Scheuch Group
    pendulum flaps by Scheuch Group

    pendulum flaps.

    Pendulum flaps enable a system (e.g. in preheaters) to channel and separate flowing bulk materials while avoiding counter flows. Our pendulum flaps are highly versatile and can also be used at temperatures of up to 250°C. One possible application might be in cement preheaters. These flaps help to avoid counter gas flows between two stages of a preheater and therefore increase the separation efficiency of a cyclone significantly. Often pendulum flaps get neglected. However, they are an integral part of the overall system with impacts, that one should not underestimate. Poor separation efficiency, high energy consumption and therefore higher cost as well as a bigger carbon footprint could be the results of badly maintained and installed pendulum flaps.

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