Air filtration

Our products will help to reduce the emission and also will optimize the entire operation efficiency in a cost-effective manner. If you are focused on emission reduction, we can provide a wide range of technologies and services to meet your needs and at the same time increase operation performance.

Our supplied items follow the accepted standards for emission control including standards for continuous emission monitoring of NOx, SOx, Carbon monoxide and an opacity test for particulates.

List of supply items

  • Filters and separators
    Filters and separators are devices to separate dust particles from air stream. The degree of separation depends on the application, process and the emission limits in the stack. For this purpose many types of separators are applicable. Generally; we can divide the dust collectors in two groups: one is Nuisance dust collector that can be described as a unit which is not critical to the continuous operation of the plant; but, it is concerned with the health of the workers in the plant. An example is dust filter in the crushing plant of mineral industries. The second type is process filter that is directly connected with the production line of the factory and therefore its design must be very accurate. For example in cement mill shop you cannot improve the capacity and efficiency of the mills without a reliable operation of process filters.

  • Radial Fans
    After the air stream is passed through the collector, it proceeds towards the fan. A fan moves a quantity of air by adding sufficient energy to the stream to overcome the resistance in the overall system. The fan power required for a system depends on the volume of air moved in a unit of time, the temperature of the air stream, the pressure differential across the fan and the efficiency of fan and drive.

  • Cooling systems
    Occasionally it is necessary to cool process gas stream before the gas goes to the dust collector. Since; there is an upper temperature limit in media used for filter bag, gas cooling is sometimes necessary to prevent filter failure. We can supply following systems for this purpose:
    - Air to air cooling system
    - Gas conditioning tower
    - Fresh air cooler

  • Conveying and discharge system
    Dust collected in dust hopper should be removed continuously in order to avoid re-entering the packing. Automatic discharge devices are installed on collectors used in continuous operation.

  • Ducts
    Duct works carries the vented gas and dust of the system into the collector and takes clean gas out of the stack. It is very important to determine if the duct works is properly designed. Engineering evaluation of duct work system is necessary to determine duct size and exhaust system pressure loss.

  • I & C
    We provide required instrument & control devices of the production line, through our foreign partners. The design of the control system will be user-oriented including the visualization system for process applications.

  • Spare parts
    We can supply all kind of bags for dust collectors. But, new bags would not stop the dust emission. You need to check all dust collector accessories like support cage, tube sheet, control unit, diaphragm and solenoid valves, sealing of inspection doors and dust collector casing and sealing of discharge equipment. All the above-mentioned spares are included in our scope of supply.